About the Authors

Micah and Katie Smith are the co-creators of Sweets The Witch as well as their wonderful children Lucky and Haven.

Sweets The Witch and Her SweetSwitch is meant to inspire families to choose a healthy way of living and to help decrease the amount of sugar our children are consuming.

In 2012, Katie was diagnosed with high grade brain cancer. At that time there was not a lot of options for her. One of the few things she could control though, was the way she lived her life going forward. The first thing she did was to radically change the way she and her family ate. A self confessed “junk food junkie”, she immediately cut out all sugar, soda and junk food of any kind and switched to organic, healthy alternatives. It was a drastic change, but she was highly motivated! Getting the children on board with the plan was a bit more of a challenge, so we are always trying to find inventive ways to keep the fun but avoid so much sugar. Our children love the tradition of Sweets the Witch and look forward to their SweetSwitch every year.

We hope to inspire you to fill your children up with love and to make new and fun traditions that will give them the best start in life.

All our best,   Katie and Micah Smith


Sweets the Witch solves the problem of having too much candy consumed and leftover on Halloween. By asking children to trade their candy for a toy or surprise, Sweets gets the candy she craves and the children get their special wish granted while still enjoying the fun of dressing up and trick or treating.

Micah Smith is a Los Angeles based Director, Producer and Photographer.

Katie Smith is a Child Development Specialist, Writer, Speaker and Parenting Coach.