Frequently Asked Questions about Sweets


Q: Is Sweets The Witch a good witch or a mean witch?


A: Sweets is a very nice witch! She is called Sweets because she loves candy but also because she is such a sweet witch!


Q: Why don’t I ever see her?


A: All witches sleep in the day and come out at night like the owls and raccoons. Sweets also loves to surprise children with their wish when they wake up in the morning!


Q: Why does she want so much candy?


A: Sweets doesn’t get candy throughout the year so she needs to make the Halloween candy last all year long.


Q: What if I don’t get what I wished for?


A: Sweets wants you to talk with your family about what you wish for so they can tell you if they think it is appropriate for you. Maybe you can come up with more than one idea and let Sweets decide what would be best.